As an individual, you have the ability to make a contribution to our mission of creating a support network for cancer patients and survivors across South Africa. By donating any amount, you can help us to achieve this goal, and become part of our vision for a country that is effective and integrated with regards to cancer.



Bank Details:

Bank: First National Bank
Account Name: People Living with Cancer
Account Number: 62297293707
Account Type: Business Cheque
Branch Code: 200909
Branch Code for EFT: 250655
Branch: Century City

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For overseas banking: 
Account No: 62297293707
Routing No: 20150900


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PLWC Givengain donations

We strive to make cancer a priority in our nation’s healthcare network.
— Janie du Plessis, PLWC CEO

What contribution will my donation make?

  • Your donation will make a direct and meaningful contribution. All donations made to PLWC are used in the ensuing ways:

  • To help to build a national infrastructure of social workers specialising in oncology to co-ordinate, train and support the Cancer Buddies.

  • To implement and continue cancer support groups across South Africa.

  • To develop educational programmes and materials directed at the oncology system in South Africa in order to facilitate the creation of a patient-centred care model.

  • To continue the provision of a toll-free helpline for newly diagnosed cancer patients and their families.

  • To develop and implement educational cancer awareness and support services in underprivileged communities all over the country.

  • To continue the development of public awareness campaigns, therefore ensuring that cancer becomes a national priority.

  • To fund and provide individual cancer advocacy services to cancer patients that find themselves voiceless in their immediate environments.

  • To immediately develop and print educational and supportive cancer material that will assist both cancer patients and their loved ones in coping with their journeys.

  • To develop pioneering technological cancer tools that will offer free information and critical support to all communities, with a specific focus on remote areas with little access to resources.